Should everyone use a humidifier during the winter months to help the dry air?

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Yes, a humidifier is a necessity during the winter because the cold winter air lacks moisture. That dry air has a low humidity level that will absorb moisture from you and everything inside your home. This can make you feel uncomfortable and damage your home. Causing heating bills to increase and making homes less efficient. The advantage of having a warm air furnace is that you can add a humidifier, while hot water baseboard you cannot.

What are some effects on the body that can be caused by dry winter air?

Dry air can worsen a wide range of health issues. From respiratory conditions and skin problems to nosebleeds, chapped lips, dry eyes, sore throats, and more. The ideal year-round humidity level in the home lies somewhere between 40 and 60% based on personal preference as well as scientific evidence that shows humidity levels outside of this range cause a multitude of issues. While we cannot completely overcome mother nature in the dead of winter, we can certainly improve upon the natural conditions. Humidified air can help you feel warmth and comfort in your home when winter conditions are at their worst.

How can dry air affect your home?

Dry air tries to absorb moisture wherever it can find it. Meaning, it can start pull moisture from your home. As your house starts to dry out, you might notice creaky floors (especially wood floors), door jams my shift and doors might be hard to open or close, and causing gaps between ceiling and walls which can also affect the form of windows made entirely of wood. This lets cold air in, increase the cost of heating bills. Also making your home less efficient.

How can a humidifier help?

Dry air does not hold heat well. By add moisture from a humidifier, moist air feels warmer and helps prevent your furnace from over working. It can help and your home feel comfortable when your thermostat is set at a lower temperature (keeping your heating bills lower). Because we spend more than half of our day indoors and on average, at least a third of our day in our homes you can see why it’s important to invest in humidity control.
The cold weather makes winter bad enough. Don’t let dry air add to your discomfort. Don’t let it damage your home and the things inside. Enjoy the air all year long and take control with a whole home humidifier. Let one of our indoor comfort specialists help you pick which is best for your home!